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Stupid bike lanes

Everybody is talking about the stupidest bike lane video, but Karl in the UK posts a video of his 10 meter bike lane in the UK. Do you know of any shorter? Via Carlton.

Influential DC group opposes bike projects

Hello sports fans, and Happy Gettysburg Address Day. The “Committee of 100 on the Federal City” is a private club of Washington DC movers and shakers dating back to shortly after the US Civil War. DC transportation director Gabe Klein and planning director Harriet Tregoning have apparently annoyed these influential stakeholders through their “get it read more »

Pro tip: You can anticipate this stuff

Do they still talk about “Defensive Driving” in driving school? Last Thursday, I posted this seconds-from-disaster photo of a kid who stopped directly in front of me on the Beach Street cycletrack in Santa Cruz, California.

Santa Clara Ride Every Road status

Some of you who follow me on Strava have wondered about the strange meandering routes I sometimes take through the city of Santa Clara. You’re seeing my Ride Every Road Santa Clara project. So far this year, I’ve covered maybe 70% of the 240 miles of surface streets in Santa Clara.

Consider Q when bunny hopping that sagging chain

Bunny hopping — the ability to jump your bike over small barriers — can be a helpful urban cycling skill. Consider, however, the sagging chain barrier. These are commonly used to block motorists from using parking lots as shortcuts.

Wrong way cycling not as dangerous as we thought?

The other day Elly Blue wrote that wrong-way riding (aka “salmoning”) is maybe not so much a character flaw as it is an indication that something is wrong with the system, whether it be evidence of a lack in bicycle safety education or a problem with our infrastructure.