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Stylish men on bikes

Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist has a monthly column in GQ magazine in which he features men’s fashion in the streets. For the March issue, Scott will feature “cool, chic guys I know that ride their bikes to work almost every day.” To see Scott’s street fashion photos of men and women on bikes, visit read more »

Bikes and high fashion

Over the past couple of years the various brands of LVMH have integrated bikes into their marketing. This last spring, for example, LVMH sponsored the “Bikes In Style” challenge, in which student designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology created stylish, practical and affordable bike gear. There was also DKNY’s unforgettable but perhaps regrettable orange read more »

Hilary Duff and the Bikes In Style Challenge

Bicycle enthusiast Hilary Duff will appear next Tuesday with other celebrities and fashion icons at the Fashion Institute of Technology “Bike In Style” award ceremony. LVMH worked with the New York City Department of Transportation and the Fashion Institute of Technology to create the “Bike In Style Challenge.” In this Challenge, FIT students competed to read more »

Australia and bicycles

Australian Bicycle Blogs for 2013. Happy Straya Day!

The short history of Cycle Chic

Way back in 2007 I made note of a brand new blog on “Cycle Chic.” Back then, most of you knew me as “Fritz” while Mikael Colville-Anderson went by the nom de plume “Zakkalicious.” He called his blog Cycleliciousness, changed it (briefly) to “Copenhagen Girls On Bikes” before settling on Copenhagenize. I wrote back then read more »

San Diego Custom Bike Show Recap

On-time is better than late, but better late than never. That said… I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 2011 San Diego Custom Bicycle Show April 9th and 10th. I knew about the show a couple of months in advance, but my decision to actually go was 11th hour, so I *gasp* drove to read more »