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NAHBS 2010 Sunday Roundup

The 2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show ended Sunday with awards handed out and exhausted exhibitors and attendees returning home to upload their photos for the rest of us to drool at, like this one of Signal Cycles headbadge by Ed Ip and used with his permission.

Bikes, blogs and the news: Monday roundup

Today: An Afghan women’s cycling team, maybe a bike bridge across the USA-Canada frontier, bike lane parking, adventures, rides, obstacles and opportunities.

2012 Week 1 Roundup

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. What’s happened in the world of biking since the New Year began?

Hump Day Roundup

Hey, maybe snow this Friday in the SF Bay Area! It’s been years so I’ve taken any ICEBIKE photos. A late day roundup of bicycle blogs.

Friday roundup

Don’t forget, the Tour of Utah finished up this Sunday. Check here for a list of resources. The three day Tour of Ireland started today. Steephill.TV Tour of Ireland dashboard. The photo is Brit Russell Downing of CandiTV-Marshalls Pasta winning Stage 1 of the Tour of Ireland. How many Snickers bars are contained in the read more »

Feedly OPML export broken?

I haven’t done a bicycle blog & news roundup in some time, but before I get into that: Has anybody successfully used an OPML file exported from Feedly? Specifically, I’d like to go back to Old Reader. I thought Old Reader had my subscriptions, but nope, not there. So I looked at my Google Takeout read more »