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Swobo Del Norte

I’ve posted these photos of the Swobo Del Norte already, but I figure it’s worth a repeat with the hundreds of Swobo fans visiting me today. Here’s Erin riding the new Swobo Del Norte singlespeed bicycle. The Swobo Del Norte is an all steel singlespeed bicycle for urban riding, complete with fender and rack mounts. read more »

Singlespeed bikes: Illegal death traps?

These bikes may be illegal to sell in the United States! Do you see the problem with these production bikes? See if you can find it before I give it away below the photos. Swobo Del Norte Spot Brand 29er Cayne Uno Strida 5.0 Bianchi San Jose Cannondale Hooligan This belt drive singlespeed from Lynskey, read more »

Sky Yeager interview

Sky Yaeger is the designer behind the bikes at Swobo. Before going to Swobo, Sky worked for Bianchi USA for 17 years where we she the product manager responsible for bikes like San Jose. Forbes of Cycloculture, “a journal for real world cyclists,” interviewed Sky and asked about her design influences. See the interview here. read more »

The candidates on transportation and jobs

I didn’t have a bike commute today because I’m working from home! I recorded a new episode of The Spokesmen early this morning with David and Donna. Watch for it soon. This is Erin of Swobo on the new Del Norte. Ferentz LaFargue on the Democratic candidates: As Green Consciousness continues erupting in this country read more »

Shout out to bike nerds

It’s been good to meet up with several people in the big world of bicycling. This Web 2.0 thing is partly about social networking and it’s nifty to connect the world of the web with meat world while I was at the Tour of California race start in Sausalito today. Say hello to Bob Mionske, read more »

Bicycling blog

I have to mention “bicycle blog” every once in a while; otherwise, the search engines get confused and don’t realize that this is a blog about bicycling. Swobo fanboys: here’s one for you. We’re expecting rain in the Bay Area today, but this morning was dry if chilly. I had a fun ride into work read more »