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Taiwan cycling photos

Today we participated in a short ride to promote tourism in rural Taitung County. The countryside of eastern and central Taiwan is populated with indigenous peoples who lived in Taiwan prior to Han Chinese immigration. The economy is primarily agricultural and the people seem more relaxed than their cousins in the big cities of the read more »

Taiwan, Time Trials, and a Typhoon

Typhoon Megi cancels Taiwan’s first ever professional road bike race. After spending millions to prepare and promote the Taiwan Cup cycling race, organizers canceled this weekend’s races after storms spun off from Typhoon Megi closed roads and rail to Hualien, where the race was to take place.

Cycling Taiwan: Guanshan to Chihsheng

After a couple nights of adjustment (not that any of us feel adjusted, I think), and an opening ceremony I’ll post a little more about later, we finally got a chance to do what we came here for – ride.  I took an unplanned dip into a river yesterday, camera in pocket, so I’m sans read more »

Heading to Taiwan! (An Introduction)

Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll occasionally see a new byline here – mine.  I’m Mark Blacknell, and with Richard’s assistance (and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s support), I’m off to Taiwan to check out its road cycling.  This will be something like the trip that Richard took last year, but since I bring a read more »

Video: Cycling from Tapei through Yangmingshan National Park

It’s pretty awesome cycling through northern Taiwan. Today, we cycled along the western (Pacific) coast of Isla Formosa. Hopefully I’ll post photos of that later today.

Bicycle Taiwan: Taipei, Yangmingshan National Park and Tien-Lai Spring Resort

If you need an idea for a picturesque and rewarding bicycle ride out of Taipei City, try this: start at Cafe Bike in Taipei, go straight up into Yangmingshan National Park to elevation 900 meters (2700 feet), over a dormant volcano, and down Yang Jin Road to the amazing Tien Lai Spring Resort, where you read more »