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San Jose Police Bike Patrol take the lane

Google Streetview captured this two dozen strong contingent of San Jose and Santa Clara police bike patrol on an apparent training ride last November.

Utah judge tells cyclists to take the lane

That’s one way to look at this story, anyways. Cyclist Curtis Adams in Logan, Utah filtered forward to the right of cars waiting at a red light. He was ticketed for violating Utah statue 41-6A-705, which states it is unlawful to pass a vehicle on the right. Judge Cheryl Russel in the city court upheld read more »

Take the lane

Position yourself in the lane for your destination, taking the lane if necessary for safety. Photos taken in Menlo Park, Santa Cruz, and San Jose, California.

Yooper Dave takes the lane

That video of “Yooper Dave” hauling a deer carcass on his back while riding a bike has gone viral again. Dave Moraska lives in Iron Mountain in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I first saw this photo of Dave doing this perhaps a decade ago. He also reportedly carries his chainsaw and other tools around read more »

Russell Crowe takes the lane

Gladiator Russell Crowe takes the lane where he cycles, whether in Hollywood as shown below or around his home in Sydney, Australia. When Sydney Confidential gossip columnist Annette Sharp wrote “unkind things about people smoke fags and ride pushies,” Crowe challenged Sharp to a 12 mile bike ride around Sydney. Sharp rode remarkably well for read more »

Speed over safety: Impeding traffic on a six lane boulevard

By now you’ve seen the news about the Google autonomous car that was pulled over for driving too slowly. This happened on El Camino Real at Rengstorff Avenue in the city of Mountain View, CA. Guess which area of Mountain View is the most dangerous for pedestrians?