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Texting, driving, and Lake Wobegon

Do you have a story of a near hit by a texting driver? Please post it in the comments. If you’re an above average driver, this is for you. Yesterday on KGO Radio (a San Francisco AM talk radio station), the mid morning talk show took listener calls for their thoughts on Oprah Winfrey’s crusade read more »

I’m okay, you’re not okay

93% of U.S. drivers — that’s almost all of you reading this blog — believe they’re above average drivers. If you don’t believe the ample research, just lurk at any of thousands of forums devoted to the topic of driving, or read the comments following any online news article about a traffic collision, or read read more »

The Invisible Gorilla

How about that: the guys who did the “invisible gorilla” study at the University of Illinois wrote a book.