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Thank you for the link love

Following Bicycle Design’s lead, I’m looking at my web stats over the last year and I’d like to give a shout out to those who threw a little link love my way in 2009. They are: Bicycle Design Norcal Cycling News EcoVelo Urban Velo Bike Commuters Daily Radar Bike Hugger Deadspin London Cyclist Bent Rider read more »

Bicycle blog link love

I’m home with bronchitis, so I’ll just throw out a list of links for the day. But first, a reminder: 7th Annual Supermarket Street Sweep this Saturday in San Francisco, rain or shine!

Link love, Creative Commons, and attribution

Most of my photos uploaded to Flickr are licensed with the Creative Commons “Attribution – Share Alike” license. This means anybody is free to use my photos for any purpose with certain conditions (more on this below). I do this hoping it can be helpful to the people who use my photos to illustrate their read more »

Interbike 2008 link love

Here are some of the bloggers who have their own take on Interbike. Check them out for their persepctives! I’m a major fanboy of Momentum Magazine, so I’m stoked to be pictured with about half of their crew here! Nan of Joy Rider Clothing is a real sweetheart from the East Bay who makes cycling read more »

Friday bicycle link love

Before I start, I have to share this story: Dan Gertz of Los Angeles was found with three gallons of GHB during a traffic stop. Oops! “Oficina Reloaded” photo by Yuri de Castro These are the blogs which linked to Cyclelicious over the past week or so, so I’m returning the love. Thank you all! read more »

Hump Day bike news: SF bike politics, Sondors in the wild, Accidental Argyle

Happy Happy Hump Day. We had another wonderful San Jose Bike Train this morning, with three of our seven riders wearing argyle with absolutely no pre-planning whatsoever on our apparel because we’re so awesomely in tune with each other. I also learned from Janet that the Mountain View City Council approved a new city bike read more »