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In the old days when I was a teenager — you know, the simple days when dinosaurs roamed etc, and Tipper Gore warned us of the evil of Twisted Sister — my next door neighbor and best friend “Kim” was an avid runner. We were having one of those deep talks that teens have and read more »

California: Yet another bicycle legislation update 2013

The California legislature wrapped up the first year of their two year session last Friday. Damien Newton in Los Angeles tracked a few bills that may be of interest to you. I have a couple more here. First of all, a correction: Damien mistakenly reports that AB 417 (CEQA exemptions for bike plans) died in read more »

Santa Rosa riots

Levi in his winning days.     I’m reminded this morning of the Santa Rosa (California) Riots of 2010, when hometown cycling hero Levi Leipheimer lost to Michael Rogers at last year’s Amgen Tour of California.

Full Circle

This is a guest post from Dave. East Bay cyclists know him as “Cold Iron.” I built my first bicycle wheels in 1989. 20″ RL Edge rims, Suzue sealed-bearing, high-flange hubs, 48 spokes. I can’t remember if they were 4 or 5 cross. I laced them incorrectly several times, and had to start over. I read more »

Autumn showers

What a marvelously rainy weekend!

An open letter from Reed Bates

(The following is posted in its entirety……….Ed) Dear friends, I am sorry for the long delay in updating you all about my legal status and situation. I have allowed myself to be distracted and I have neglected you. I shall aim to avoid allowing it to happen again. Thank you for your forbearance.