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The Autosnob

I think almost everybody is aware of The Bike Snob. It must drive the original snob nuts that this newcomer now beats him out in search rankings. Predictably, a few Bike Snob pretenders have popped up, so I created the computerized Autosnob. Among my favorite features of BSNYC (and the part most emulated by the read more »

Create your own Bike Snob franchise

Contest below! Regulars readers of Cyclelicious know I have no skill for humor. I thoroughly enjoy Bike Snob NYC, however. A couple of copycats have popped up who try to copy his formula for humor, including my own computer scripted Autosnob experiment. A couple of people have asked me how the Autosnob works. Like any read more »

Fight global warming and obesity

First of all, let’s extend a welcome to Bob Shantaeu of Monterey, California. He wrote article about sponsored research in bicycle traffic the other day. He’s a professional traffic engineer who has also been heavily involved in bicyclist advocacy since the 70s in the San Francisco Bay Area. You’ll see his name on the minutes read more »