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One page bicycle repair guide

This diagram is making the rounds on the various social networking sites. Spingineer tells me this was originally posted by George Takei (aka “Sulu”) who joked that he hoped Scotty didn’t follow this flowchart. WD-40, incidentally, is your bike shop’s favorite lube.

Santa Clara Levi’s Stadium bicycle plan

The city of Santa Clara Stadium Authority, which manages the new 49ers stadium, published a draft Transportation Management and Operations Plan some time ago. I hear there’s a final plan available now, but I haven’t been able to find it. In any case, I’m told the bike plan part of the TMOP remains unchanged from read more »

Anthony Weiner rides a bicycle

Anthony Weiner is the New York politican who is perhaps best known for the infamous sexting scandal that led to his resignation from the U.S. House of Representative in 2011. Before he resigned, Weiner further embroiled himself in controversy when he told then-mayor Michael Bloomerg that he would “have a bunch of ribbon-cuttings tearing out read more »

Yet another electric bicycle at a car show

The hot topic yesterday was this $3000 pedalec from SMART, which is  known for its small automobiles. Unlike many bikes shown as concepts and engineering exercises at auto shows,  SMART says they plan to make this bike available at select USA dealers. Although the bike appears somewhat unique,  the features are about what you’d expect read more »

Forget bicycles: Unicycles are the cockroaches of disaster

Who is this mystery man riding a unicycle with an umbrella on an icy road? Screen capture courtesy of Brian in Utah, who runs Industry Outsider. Go view his website when you have a chance. Story at 10,000 Utahns without power as ice storm halts commuters, planes.

Police tweets and bicycles

Friday was apparently some kind of worldwide police tweet-a-thon, in which over 200 police agencies around the world hashtagged their activities with #poltwt. I first noticed the #poltwt hashtag on tweets from some of the local agencies I follow. Notably, I saw mention of Motorcycle Officer Cang, who watched for cell phone violations on El read more »