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The Box

Imagine a magic box that, when used, kills random strangers. But you receive something back in exchange for that life — Money! Prosperity! Status! Self fulfillment! And everybody who doesn’t die lives happily ever after. The End? See also Fairy tales and fantastic stories at Quickrelease.TV.

This box bike is a kid magnet

Say hello to Alex Yasbeck of the Box Bike Collective in Santa Cruz, California. He has no idea who these children are.

Box Bike Collective cargo bike launch

Check this out: Alex in Santa Cruz California has launched his Box Bike Collective Kickstarter. Through Kickstarter, you can buy his well-designed electric assist cargo bike for under $4000. A non-electric assist version can be had for only $2900.

Bottom bracket gearbox on a touring bike?

Pinion 18 speed gearboxes, which were developed for downhill gravity bikes, are now designed into touring and city bikes.

Virtue Bike: A truck, a bus and a box for 2014

William Mulyadi began Virtue Bike in San Diego, CA as a distributor of “lifestyle” bike accessories and a handful of inexpensive steel bicycles while he earned his MBA at UC San Diego. Their flagship Virtue One — a coaster brake singlespeed chromoly diamond frame with detailing like a riveted leather saddle — remains a popular read more »

Mailbox bike basket

Emma with her gorgeous yellow Schwinn is a crafty one. She mounted a steel mailbox to the rear rack of her bike.