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The California bike lobby

Sue Lempert, former mayor of San Mateo, California, explains how cycling advocates got to have a voice in California politics. They may not have an expensive office on K street in Sacramento and they are not known for their generous campaign contributions, but the bicycle lobby is one of the best organized and most effective read more »

Santa Cruz Bike to Work Day turnout

Santa Cruz County normally aligns their Bike to Work Day with the San Francisco Bay Area. This year, however, the Santa Cruz chapter of the All Power Bike Lobby decided to move it up to include the day in a whole week of bike events beginning with a bikey First Friday at the Santa Cruz read more »

Ventura County: Ralph Fertig Memorial Bike Path

California Assembly member Das Williams, representing portions of Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, introduced ACR 58 to honor long-time bike advocate Ralph Fertig by naming a bike path after him.

Legislation: Vulnerable user law for California

Among the plethora of bills introduced in the California legislature last week was AB 2398, a propose Vulnerable User Law introduced by Assembly member Marc Levine (D-San Rafael).

San Jose bike train ride report

A group of five avid bike commuters had a great time launching San Jose Bike Train this morning.

Two new bike bills in the California legislature

Through the process known as “gut and amend,” two new bills that may affect cycling in the Golden State are on the legislative agenda for 2013.