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Gravel riding with Tom Ritchey

Tom Ritchey grew up in the hills west of Palo Alto. As a teen he joined Jobst Brandt on his insane dirt road adventures all around the Bay Area on public and private roads. In this modern day video, we see Ritchey continues this Bay Area road-on-dirt tradition. Peninsula cyclists will recognize the roads in read more »

Delaware ditches “Share the Road” signs

The Delaware Department of Transportation announced last November that they would stop using the ambiguous “Share the Road” sign. For the rationale, I’m going to copy the entire article by James Wilson, executive director of Bike Delaware, and Mark Luszcz, chief traffic engineer of the Delaware Department of Transportation, as published in the Institute of read more »

Beach Street Skitching

Happy Spring! Seen Sunday on the Beach Street bikeway in front of the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, California. Skate + hitching (as in hitching a ride) = “skitching.”

This bike brake is a lamp switch

Do you see this bicycle brake lever? It’s not what you think it is.

Christopher Hitchens rode a bicycle

Skeptic Christopher Hitchens on a Dahon folding bike. He’s riding with his feet off of the pedals to protest New York’s Vehicle and Traffic Law ยง1232, which says “feet must be on pedals” when riding a bike. I’d normally write “R.I.P.,” but that would be kind of against everything he believed in.

Dennis Ritchie legacy

I was saddened to learn Thursday of Dennis Ritchie’s passing this past weekend.