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Reached behind me for my bike for a lunch ride bef…

Reached behind me for my bike for a lunch ride before I remembered I left the bike locked up at the transit center this morning :-/

Ride to veggie lunch w/ @erutan…

Ride to veggie lunch w/ @erutan…

Police Chief Joe Leonardi rides a bicycle in his suit and tie

Last Monday, a Redondo Beach public works employee was hit in the head with a glass bottle by a man who rode away on a rusty, black bike. Redondo Police Chief Joe Leonardi, dressed in his suit and tie, was eating lunch at a local park when he sees a man matching the assailant’s description read more »

Lunch Break

I’ve been in training this week learning the ins and outs of Fortify Software’s source code analysis and audit tools. Think of it as Lint running on Java.

Lacey Schwimmer rides a bicycle

Competetive ballroom dancer Lacey Mae Schwimmer was excited to get a new bicycle two weeks ago and has been tweeting about her bike rides for coffee, to the flea market, and to lunch from her home in Los Angeles.

Billy Zane rides a bicycle

Billy Zane leaves Fred Segal on his bicycle after having lunch alone. Billy stars in the new movie Magic Man. Photo by Matt Symons, More celebrity bike photos here.