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The bike blog quiz

In honor of the 400th post to his QuickRelease blog, Carlton created the bike blog quiz. See if you can beat my 90% score on the Bike Blog Quiz.

Hurricane Biker Girls of Lower Manhattan

NYC film maker Casey Neistat spent the night of Sandy biking around the flooded streets of Manhattan. Here’s his video of that night.

Pop Quiz: Win a book!

First to answer correctly wins a Kindle download of Keith Snyder’s new collection of bicycle short stories. I’ll post several more quizes like this throughout the day, so stay tuned!

10 bike stories of 2010

Here are my thoughts on some of the big bicycle stories of 2010.

September bikes

The Labor Day Holiday is coming up on us, but more importantly, this week marks 20 years of wedded bliss with my bride. Cyclelicious postings will be abbreviated and / or missing. Have a great one!

Colorado bike news

There’s some big bicycle news coming out of Colorado. I’m thinking, of course, of Colorado Republican Dan Maes, who claims Denver’s push for bicycling is part of a sinister, one-world-government United Nations plot to take over the United States.