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The bike newbie

Ray Niekamp is The Bike Noob. This 50-something journalism professor at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX got into road biking after his wife completed a local charity ride. Ray bought a new bike, got some clipless pedals, and last November completed his first metric century after only a few shorts months on the read more »

Bike newbies on Caltrain

As gas prices officially reached the $4 mark in San Francisco, Caltrain reported record weekday ridership of 36,993 for February 2008, a 9.3% increase over 2007. I’m not as scientific as Caltrain, but I’m seeing substantially more cyclists on the Caltrain bike cars, many of them with shiny new bikes. If you’re on the platform read more »

Newbie bike commuter interview

The Oregonian interviews two women who recently began biking to work in this video. They started out objecting to the idea because biking to work is too dangerous, too hard, too convenient and too time consuming. After trying it, however, they discover how nice commuting by bicycle really is. Found via Bike Denver.

Avid cyclist to newbies: It’s your fault we can’t have nice things

Clarification: I’m told Volkswagen’s financial sponsorship of People For Bikes (and, correspondingly, their influence) is fairly small. I don’t philosophically have difficulty with an auto manufacturer spending their marketing dollars on bike projects, but I do believe it’s important to be aware of where those dollars are coming from. People for Bikes is a bicycle read more »

@AnnoyedCyclist Yes SF2G is a bike train, but @LAB…

@AnnoyedCyclist Yes SF2G is a bike train, but @LABikeTrains more geared for newbies, slower speed, less distance. @nonavarnado @ladyfleur

Pedego electric fat tire bike

I ran into Doug of ELV Motors of Santa Clara last Friday night at Bike Party. He rode Pedego’s “Trail Tracker” fat tire electric assist bike. You can read the history of this bike over at, but the short of it is that this $3000 singlespeed bike features a 48V 10AH lithium battery to read more »