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The candidates on transportation and jobs

I didn’t have a bike commute today because I’m working from home! I recorded a new episode of The Spokesmen early this morning with David and Donna. Watch for it soon. This is Erin of Swobo on the new Del Norte. Ferentz LaFargue on the Democratic candidates: As Green Consciousness continues erupting in this country read more »

University cycling team director

Now Hiring: Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas has an opening for a director for their cycling team. The director is responsible for the overall daily operations of the cycling program to include team management, coaching, training, recruiting, sponsorship procurement and public relations activities.

Don’t ask if it’s a hard job

I hear the voice of experience in this Craigslist posting for a bicycle rickshaw job in Denver, Colorado: “Please don’t email me to ask if this is a difficult job. I will reiterate– you are lugging hundreds of pounds of human being around a city in the back of your giant adult tricycle. Also, please read more »