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Quirky Moneyball Bicycle

A little over five years ago, Ben Kaufman won “Best of Show” at MacWorld for his mophie iPod case. He didn’t have an encore product for 2007, so he invited any and all to submit their ideas and introduced an iPod case with a built in bottle opener.

Good Enough Just Got Better

For over a year now I have been eying a wheelset upgrade for the roadie commuter, but could never justify the expense while the existing wheelset was rolling just fine (stock Alex R500’s). Performance has always had a great price on their well-reviewed and popular Forte Titan wheels, but I always miss a sale or read more »

Despicable Me

Who: Me and a beige Camry Where: Heavy traffic on DeAnza Boulevard & Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, California, just south of Apple’s headquarters. When: Last Friday’s evening commute, in the rain and dark.

I’m loved

Happy Friday, my friends. Raise your hands if you’re sick and tired of the constant map posts this week. Okay, me too, so let’s move on and talk about other things.

Livable streets advocate becomes Wellington mayor

Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown rides a bicycle. Bike commuter, livable streets advocate and Green Party member Celia Wade-Brown won the race for mayor of New Zealand’s capital and third largest city in an instant runoff election in which she received 176 more votes than the incumbent mayor, Kerry Prendergast. Here she is showing off her read more »

Boris Bikes

A generation hence, London residents will wonder why their bike share bikes are called “Boris Bikes”, and they’ll likely invent some creative folk etymologies for the phrase.