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The heroic bike commuter

Something cycling advocates occasionally talk about is that the overwhelming majority of bike commuters seem to be men. Some areas measure the success of their bike promotion efforts by the proportion of women to men out riding their bikes. I’ve always assumed it was a matter of risk assessment, that women who feel less safe read more »

Free bikes, Earth Day, and more

Happy Earth Day, you bike riding hippies. Did you know today is also the birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (pictured to the left with a bicycle)? He was an enthusiastic cyclist and photographer, combining both of these hobbies while traveling before beginning his second career as architect of the Red Terror. More bicycle news Free read more »

Women, schlepping and transportational cycling

April in Sweden posted on Six reasons the world needs more women on bikes, mentioning some of the reasons women don’t bike to work as much as men. April mentions that only about 30% of bike commuters in Portland (Oregon, presumably) are female; in San Francisco, it’s currently about 27%. Why the gender split? Natalie read more »

Bicycle action figures

In America, we can buy action figures for superheroes, soldiers of fortune, anthropomorphized turtles, and Legos. In Japan, they sell character action figures on bicycles. Local bicycling otaku Jill Q (2013 Bike Commuter of the Year for Santa Clara County California) found this figma for Yuusuki Makishima, a teen cyclist from “Yowamushi Pedal,” a popular read more »