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The thrill of cycling

Cycling into the summer sunset in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Spinster: A cycling psycho thriller

Kristen Tieche is a genuine bike person and a friend, and she’s legit as a film producer. I supported her psycho-thriller “Spinster”; I hope you will too. Kristin describes “The Spinster” as a psychological thriller that follows a cycle vixen in search of true love into the dark, shadowy depths of romance. Does the protagonist’s read more »

Popularizing utility cycling in Rio

Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize has a plan to mainstream the use of cargo bikes in Rio de Janeiro. He envisions a high profile event that thrills, inspires, and captures the imagination of the entire city that will raise awareness of the cargo bike delivery riders of Rio and elevate them to a position of respect. read more »

Santa Rosa cycling weekend

Cycling fans in Santa Rosa have many options to view or participate this weekend. Velove Winter Bike Festival this Saturday, February 14 is Santa Rosa’s new winter bike festival with a Cyclocross race (11 AM to 5 PM). A marching band (!) provides live music. Velove continues on Sunday, February 15 with the West Coast read more »

Cycling in a winter wonderland

Thanks to all for the holiday greetings and wishes. My family and I had a wonderful visit with my brother and his family down in lovely San Diego. My brother Mark gets used fry oil from the Mexican restaurant down the street. He showed me the simple rig he uses to filter the fry oil. read more »

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