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The ultimate bicycle model

From ‘Bicycle manufacturers have never been able to say precisely how a bicycle works’, explains Dr Arend Schwab of the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE). ‘They have always had to refine their designs purely through experimentation. In our model, they can enter into the computer all of the various factors that read more »

My perfect commuter bicycle

Consider the lowly beater bike. Over at Commute By Bike, Arleigh has started the Build Your Perfect Commuter Bike project. Various people have weighed in about frame style, frame material, brakes, gearing, chaincases, fenders, integrated lightning and so on. Ghost Rider comments that if you ask 100 people for their opinion on the perfect bike, read more »

NAHMBS Trends: Alternative Materials Rhyming with, “Good”

When you think “Hand Made Bicycles”, and especially showing off your 100+ hour creations, one may unconsciously begin to dream of steel tubes of various flashiness matched up and bonded together using incredibly decorative lugs and powder coated to perfection. NAHMBS 2013 certainly does not let down on this front, but another trend is certainly read more »

Consumer access for Interbike

Interbike announces “Interbike By Invitation,” a new program in which valued bike shop customers can receive an invitation to attend Interbike 2013 in Vegas (Baby!)

Hollywood Rides a Bike

Bike riding movie critic Steven Rea curates the popular Rides a Bike Tumblr blog that features movie stars riding their bicycles. He’s compiled 125 images of those stars into a nice coffee table book titled Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars.