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The wheels on the bike go round and round….

Happy Friday everybody! I have a whole pile of links for your weekend browsing pleasure. Cool looking cyclist on CNN. Fun bubble blower for your bicycle. Whee! James of Bicycle Design has his 15 minutes of fame! Spare Cycles: Gas Bike cartoon. New York bike shortages. Bike on bike violence. Ask Umbra on the carbon read more »

The wheels on the bike go round and round

I searched on Google for “The wheels on the bike go round and round.” The very first hit is the Big Purple Dinosaur himself singing the song and riding a bike! The wheels on the bike go round and round,Round and round. Round and round,The wheels on the bike go round and round,All through the read more »

The wheels on the bike go round and round

RocBike posts his Bicycle Haiku, and nice little love poem about his Motobecane. Don’t forget also about Honku, the Zen Antidote to Road Rage. Ouch! Maybe some road-raging motorists need the Zen Antidote: Motorist bites cyclist’s ear off! A motorist in Germany passed two cyclists very closely, although the entire roadway was clear. One of read more »

Wind, cold, rain, bike-to-shop, and Sea Otter

Those in the San Francisco Bay Area no doubt noticed the cold front that whipped through our region over the Easter weekend. We’re pretty excited about the trace rainfall associated with that weather system. A second, stronger storm should arrive overnight, with a half inch or more of rain expected Tuesday morning. Remember, you can read more »

Annie Cohen Kopchovsky biked around the world

March is Women’s History Month, when bike bloggers quote Susan B. Anthony ( bicycling “has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world”) and temperance reformer Frances Willard, who used bicycling as a metaphor for control over her destiny. Their achievements are notable, but let’s talk about the first woman to wheel read more »

Up Chuck on Revolights City v2.0 Wheels

Revolights sent me a set of their City v2.0 Wheels a few weeks ago. These are wheels with Revolights light rings riveted to the rims. The v2.0 City Wheels come available with a fixed gear hub, a singlespeed hub, or a Shimano 9/10 speed compatible freehub with 36 spoke 2 cross. I am testing the read more »