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Theft proof bike

+ = Inspired by bikesgonewild’s comment at this Bicycle Design post. Update: I guess I should have read the design forum first, which has a cool concept illustration of a similar theft-proof bike.

Felony trafficking charges for Tempe bike thieves

In the United States, bike theft is a low risk risk crime with minimal consequences. Even when bike thieves are caught by police, it’s usually catch and release for the alleged criminal because of overcrowded jails and an overburdened justice system. Police in Tempe, Arizona and at Arizona State University have been targeting the problem read more »

Santa Cruz police seek to reunite stolen bikes with owners

The Santa Cruz Police Department has recovered ten bikes that were believed to have been stolen in the last month. The bikes were recovered during various theft investigations. Investigators are in the process of inventoring the bikes but wanted to get the basic information out there in case the public could identify their missing bike.

Profiling suspected bike thieves

Cheers to Lancashire, England police for their aggressive bicycle anti-theft campaign. Jeers for their apparently heavy handed application of “stop and show proof”. Police in Lancashire, England stop cyclists and ask them to show proof of ownership in anti-theft campaign.

San Francisco: Bike theft sting

CBS says the local police plan a sting operation to catch bike thieves. They’ll equip random bikes with tracking devices to try to track down organized groups of bike thieves. Via < a href=”

Chris Boardman’s Bike

Psst! There’s a contest! Former UK Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman created what he envisions to be a bike of the future. Built in solar cells overlaid on the carbon fiber frame power an electric assist motor and other electronics on the bike, including a fingerprint recognition anti-theft feature and built in cyclocomputer. Spokeless wheels reduce read more »