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Therapy for bike commuters

They do therapy for people who are afraid to drive a car, so why not something similar for cycling? Did you know Stanford University offers counseling to people who want to try more “eco-friendly” transportation and need encouragement? Here’s the course description from the Stanford School of Medicine Health Improvement Program (HIP). The instructor, Jane read more »

Accidental Therapy

For many years now my flat feet have struggled with the beating put forth during any given day of cycling. After suffering through and treating plantar faciitis as best I could, there was/is soaking those feet in an ice water foot bath with epsom salts, orthotics of varying elevation, and of course being more selective read more »

Feminist therapy

Sara’s working on her degree in Clinical Psychology. After reading a few paragraphs in one of her texts about feminist therapy, I made some completely uninformed and moronic comments to my wife, mocking the idea that all of society’s problems are caused by men. She gave me that special smile reserved for small children, drooling read more »


I barely missed the bus to work this morning. I could have waited 15 minutes for the next bus, but instead I decided to bike the entire distance from home to work, which I’ve never done before. Breakfast was a small package of peanut butter crackers and a glass of water, and I filled by read more »

Bono and his bike crash

Happy Monday. Bono of U2 appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last week, where he discussed his infamously gnarly bicycle crash. Opinions may differ, but I think an arm bone poking through the jacket qualifies as “gnarly.”

RIP Ellen Fletcher

Holocaust survivor, PTA mom, city council member, and bike advocate: Ellen Fletcher succumbed yesterday at age 83 to lung cancer at her Palo Alto home.