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Thoughts on my bike

This wonderful video is Andrya Dorfman’s entry to the 2009 NYC Bicycle Film Festival. H/T to Kat Roberts in San Francisco.

My thoughts on the Fly6

Everybody has been talking about the Australian “Fly6″ Kickstarter project. If you haven’t heard of it yet, the Fly6 integrates an HD camera into a bicycle “blinky” tail light. The idea is to make ride cameras so ubiquitous that aggressive motorists will never know if they’re on candid camera or not, kind of how dashcams read more »

Social media and bike trail conditions?

Yesterday, I linked to Elisa Poteat’s request for bike path traffic reports. I call upon all traffic reporters in major cities in the U.S. and U.K. to make a New Year’s resolution to report conditions for cyclists. We know that that we need to increase the number of bike commuters and diversify the crowd that read more »

Compromise for San Jose Hedding Street Bikeway

The Hedding Street and Ocala Avenue bikeways are on the agenda for Tuesday night’s City Council meeting in San Jose. While support remains for a proposed road diet on Hedding Street, heavy opposition to the street parking removal aspect has prompted some councilors to propose a compromise solution.


Here’s a hodge-podge of bikey news for your perusal below the photo.

Random thoughts on Level of Service

Can you be “pro-bike” and not also be “anti-car”? I’ve never really thought of myself as anti-car — I just like to ride my bike. But some thoughts about encouraging bike use have been swimming around my head. These thoughts are still trying to gel, but the gist is that it doesn’t really matter how read more »