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To Protect and Serve?

I thought you all might be interested in this Letter to the Editor I just submitted to my local newspaper, The Cape Breton Post: From: John A. Ardelli Subject: Misguided Law EnforcementDate: November 11, 2007 1:35:33 PM ASTTo: Cape Breton Post Letters to the Editor To the Editor: “Bicyclists may occupy as much of a read more »

Protect and serve FAIL

NYPD Traffic Enforcement parks her car directly in front of a fire hydrant for a pizza break. Moments later, NYFD comes by responding to a fire and the firemen can’t get to the plug because of the cop car in the way.

Sea Otter Stories: Fear And Loathing In Laguna Seca

Cain Ramirez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cowgirl Bike Courier. He has been designated by Cyclelicious as part of the less-than-one percent of transportation cyclists that identify as “Strong & Fearless”. It started off as a joke. Rich had just posted a press release for the Sea Otter Classic on Twitter. In it was mention of read more »

Level of Service and motoring convenience über alles for San Jose intersection

To serve the controversial Summerhill / Santa Clara Gardens development on the site of the former UC Bay Area Research and Extension Center (BAREC) near Valley Fair Mall, the city of San Jose reconfigured the intersection of Forest Avenue at Winchester Boulevard. The cities removed a signalized crosswalk to improve Level of Service across the read more »

Paul Kimmage and protecting the peloton

For many local media outlets, the highlight of last night’s Amgen Tour of California press conference was Sunday Times sports writer Paul Kimmage when he pointedly asked Lance Armstrong why he admires cyclists who, in Kimmage’s opinion, are proven, unrepentant dopers. Armstrong, visibly angry about Paul Kimmage’s infamous “the cancer is back speech” last September, read more »

The American Bicycle

Before World War II, tobacco companies included trading cards in their cigarette packaging, similar to baseball cards included in some modern packages of bubble gum. In 1939, Player Cigarettes in Great Britain released a series of 50 cycling cards with the help of Mr “Harry” England, the editor of Cycling (today’s Cycling Weekly). The series read more »