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Too tired to blog

I planned to have a summary of Sea Otter and Bicycle Leadership Conference action today, but to be honest I’m absolutely exhausted. I invite you, then to click on the Bicycle Leadership Conference photoset, click here to view my almost live Tweets, and click here for a two minute video of the Sea Otter 2009 read more »


Made you look! That headline is partly a joke, partly an experiment, and partly a commentary on this trend of stupidly hyperbolic click bait. It started with a joke and experiment by Calgary Herald reporter and bike blogger Tom Babin, who tweeted two different headlines for the same story on winter cycling in Calgary. The read more »

A smart gax tax for South Carolina

  The “Net Zero” gas tax Thirty years ago, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer proposed a revenue neutral gasoline tax to reduce consumption. To keep revenue neutral, he tied his proposed gas tax increases to a dramatic reduction in the payroll tax equal to the average tax paid nationwide. For example, if the average American contributes read more »

RIP Ellen Fletcher

Holocaust survivor, PTA mom, city council member, and bike advocate: Ellen Fletcher succumbed yesterday at age 83 to lung cancer at her Palo Alto home.

Canadian Olympian Robin Clegg injured by road raging driver

Robin Clegg, who represented Canada in the Winter Olympics in the biathlon, was hit by a car while on a Sunday training ride outside of Calgary, Alberta.

I’m loved

Happy Friday, my friends. Raise your hands if you’re sick and tired of the constant map posts this week. Okay, me too, so let’s move on and talk about other things.