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Tour of Missouri news

I pointed to Tour of Missouri video options yesterday but totally blew it on blogs that will cover the Tour of Missouri. First of all, Ken flew out to Missouri specifically to cover the Tour of Missouri and take photos. Don’t miss his photos and tour coverage at Spare Cycles and his Flickr photo stream. read more »

Tour of Colorado 2011!

After two years of speculation, a new eight-day Colorado stage race is set to roll out in August or September 2011. According sources that spoke with VeloNews on the condition of anonymity, the event will debut next year as an eight-day UCI stage race, following a schedule similar to that of the now-defunct Tour of read more »

Tour of Missouri Stage 3 recap

Universal has their stage 3 video here, in which Paul Sherwen and Frankie “Andrew” (snark) recap Stage 3 from . Supposedly I could embed the video but I couldn’t find the embed code. Oh well. I normally use PicApp for editorial photos but they’re slow on the uptake with Tour of Missouri photos, so I’ll read more »

2009 Tour of Missouri Live Video

Watch the 2009 Tour of Missouri live online with streaming video and other updates provided via the Tour of Missouri Tour Tracker. The last couple of hours are also broadcast live online at Universal Sports I knew Universal Sports was covering the Tour of Missouri live on their cable TV channel, but I totally missed read more »

Thursday bicycle news

Christian Science Monitor: Can bikes and cars share the road? Women’s Cycling Magazine Issue#1. Well done Marian, Carson and Echo. Bill Cunningham NY Bike Fashion slide show. Cafiend had an interesting week. How young is too young to carry your child by bike? (and by the way, congrats to Momentum Magazine editor Tania Lo on read more »

Tour of Missouri in jeapordy

The Missouri Department of Economic Development wants to eliminate all state funding for the Tour of Missouri. The department needs to cut nearly $10 million from its budget due to the state’s fiscal crisis. Tour of Missouri organizers say the state provides about half of their $3.3 million budget and cuts would be a death read more »