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Transportation planners who walk the walk

Bike riders and public transportation users commonly lament that the people who govern, manage, plan and design their transportation facilities don’t actually use them. Caltrain Board President Don Gage, for example, drives to solo to work in his SUV from Gilroy to San Jose. I’ve been blessed to know several people who practice what they read more »

A new paradigm in transportation planning?

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) plans for future BART currently include an extension to the Santa Clara Caltrain Station. Is this an appropriate use of transportation dollars?

Sunnyvale Lawrence Station walking tour Saturday morning

Lawrence Station in Sunnyvale, California has been the subject of a years long process to transform the auto-centric environment near this Caltrain station into a transit oriented, pedestrian friendly development. The Lawrence Station Area Plan seeks to investigate options and identify strategies that maximize benefits for Sunnyvale that come from the area’s proximity to Lawrence read more »

Caltrans Districts and their Walkscores

Have you ever wondered if your state transportation planners know anything personally about riding public transportation or riding a bike to the office? Employee parking dominates at “Car Dependent” Caltrans District 10 office in Stockton, CA. Sidewalk bike racks are available in front of Caltrans District 7 in Los Angeles, which boasts a 98 “Walkers read more »

The myth of the 1894 horse manure crisis

You’ve probably heard the story of how cars saved cities from the problem of crushing piles of horse manure. The usual telling rings true to modern ears: 19th century cities depended absolutely on horses for the transport of people and goods, so much so that great stinking mounds of manure polluted streets and our air. read more »

Public safety & traffic in San Jose

33 traffic fatalities — including 20 pedestrians and cyclists — in San Jose this year San Jose city council member Sam Liccardo formally kicked off his campaign for mayor yesterday. He currently represents the downtown district, and he’s known for his recent strong support for creative bicycle infrastructure throughout downtown. Four of the five candidates read more »