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Dork disk

Little Fritz got a new mountain bike. Like just about any new dérailleur equipped bicycle, this bicycle comes equipped with a spoke protector, aka a frisbee or “dork disk.” The purpose of the spoke protector is to keep the chain from getting shifted off of the largest cog into the spokes. A properly adjusted dérailleur read more »

In praise of pie plates

I agree with the Bike Snob that pie plates are about as misplaced on many bikes as the red skinsuit man, but they do have their utility. Pie plates are plastic rings placed against the spokes on the rear wheel of dérailleur equipped bicycles. They protect the wheel and derailleur against damage by preventing the read more »

Sheldon Brown’s Interbike 2007 report

I looked for Sheldon Brown at Interbike. I did see him across the way once, but he was whizzing away on his electric scooter and he disappeared. I missed this earlier, but Sheldon posted his own Interbike 2007 updates at his website. He notes the trend toward commuter bikes, especially high end expensive commuters bikes, read more »