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Trek: One World, Two Wheels

Update: See Jame’s thoughts on Trek’s commitment and 1000 Limes. Trek’s Commitment: One World, Two Wheels. Trek Dealers are working to get people to ride their bikes and make a more bike friendly world, one mile at a time. We all know the world has some problems; gas is expensive and cars pollute, the roads read more »

Don’t need no stinkin’ bike lanes

Trials rider Danny MacAskill bikes to work. For him, every facility is a bike facility. Via London Cyclist best of the web. Trek Lime wins design award. Commentary at WIRED Magazine. James likes The Batavus BuB bike.

Bikes for boomers

That’s the title in this week’s Newsweek article on comfort bikes. “Geared toward baby boomers, comfort bikes are ideal for cruising bike paths and pedaling to the corner grocery.” Newsweek features the Trek Lime, Electra‘s Amsterdam, and Sun Bicycle’s recumbent EZ Sport. It’s good to see this kind of stuff mentioned outside of bike enthusiast read more »