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Tri bikes for dummies

In case there’s any question at all, I’m the dummy. My old friend Kirk in Indiana has turned into an exercise nut over the past couple of years. He asked me where he can find a good deal on a new bike. After I pointed at the usual suspects, he told me he’s training for read more »

Sea Otter 2010 Shout Out

For me, the big part of a big bike festival like the Sea Otter Classic is meeting old friends and making new ones.

Surly Big Dummy in the news

The Big Dummy is Surly’s recently introduced long tail bicycle. What differentiates the Big Dummy from other long tails is that it’s designed for use with Xtracycle’s modular components for the Free Radical system. WCCO in Minneapolis featured the Surly Big Dummy in a recent newscast. You can watch the archived video here. According to read more »