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Turn your bike horizontal to trigger the green light

Nobody who drives a car ever has to think about the various technologies used to trigger traffic signals. You just drive up to the intersection, and within at most 120 seconds (but probably less) you’ll have a green light. Anybody who rides a motorcycle or bicycle on the road has encountered “defective” traffic lights — read more »

Merging into a bike lane is not the same as turning across it

[ Publishers note: If you feel like this or any other article on Cyclelicious is worth passing along, please remember to click the social networking vote buttons below (i.e., digg, and CycleCluster). Thanks! ] In a recent column in Oregon Cycling, Bikes & The Law: The Right Hook, attorney Ray Thomas states, “the law read more »

Consumer Electronics Show 2015 & Bikes, a roundup

Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) help airplane pilots avoid mid-air collisions. Is this the future of cycling?


Crazy busy at work but still lots of bike stuff to talk about. Here’s what going on.