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Twitter and bike bloggers

A huge thank you to Chris Spagnuolo for mentioning @cyclelicious in his Mashable roundup of Cycling on Twitter. He did a great job describing each of the people on his list. People added more Twitter links in the comments section of that post. Notable in his absence from Chris’s list is long time cycling journalist read more »

The National Bike Summit and Social Media

I’ve been watching Twitter, Google Plus and the Blogs (remember them?) for reports from the U.S. National Bike Summit that started yesterday in Washington DC.

Bikes make the world go ’round

Or is it love that makes the world go ’round?

A revenue neutral carbon tax for California?

What if you could make driving dramatically more expensive in a way that won’t punish people who drive, but reward those who seek ways to reduce their driving without wrecking the economy? Thirty years ago, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer proposed a what he called the “Net Zero Gas Tax to reduce consumption. To keep revenue read more »

My name in print

Carlton @ Bike Biz writes on the relationship between the bike industry and bloggers. There’s an extensive quote from me that was in response to a question about how the bike industry might treat bloggers differently from more traditional media.

Bicycle industry tweeters

Lance Armstrong and I have a few things in common. We both participated in the 1987 Hotter N Hell Hundred Century Ride in Wichita Falls, Texas, we both like bikes, and we both use Twitter, as do several other bike bloggers and bike industry people. Carlton lists several bike trade tweeters over at If read more »