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UK Cycle Show 2007 photos

Carlton Reid has attended Cycle Show 2007 in London, the “UK’s greatest cycling show” featuring a high energy fashion show and (of course) more bike stuff than you can shake a frame pump at. You can view Carlton’s photos from the UK Cycle Show here at Picasa, or view a slideshow accompanied to some cool read more »

Bicycle haiku and other bicycle blog madness

Frank has an nice winter CX baiku in Illinois. He also pointed me to a old set of baikus from last summer. Carlton talks about “get off the road for your own safety” individuals in the Netherlands(!), India and Nazi Germany. Perhaps there’s a connection with this “bicycle neglect”. Alan makes the point that the read more »

Vote for me and I’ll set you free

Rap on, Brother, rap on. I’m reading way too much bad news. Cheer me up with something, you all. “I heart my bike” by Michelle Mauly. James talks about a cool turn signal jacket along with some other interesting links over at his Bicycle Design blog. This is interesting: For 20 years now, workers in read more »

Matthew Paris apology

Matthew Paris is the London Times writer who joked about decapitating cyclists. He apologized in his column today. Via Dave Moulton. More stuff below the cool bicycle montage. Paul Tay’s latest venture? L’Equipe: Compelling evidence shows that the entire T-Mobile squad doped. It’s COLD and SNOWY in big swaths of the United States and Canada, read more »

Eurobike Friday news

BRaIN: “Traffic clogged all roads leading to Eurobike Thursday as thousands of visitors poured into the exhibition center’s 13 halls to get a firsthand look at 2008 products.” Bike Radar: Nice and new Crank Brothers kit likes very shiny and pretty: Integrated headsets, cranksets, wheels, and seatposts. Very interesting. Bike Radar: Road bike showstoppers — read more »