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Urbana Bicycles

Urbana Bikes is a company in Montreal, Quebec. The website has a cute bike design configurator in which you select the type of terrain, weather, purpose and color of the bike. Urbana Bike’s designer writes that he conceived of Urbana to be both utilitarian and fun. He’s an experienced ice biker, riding year round in read more »

Urbana Current Ebike

Urbana Bikes plans to start selling the Urbana Current, a pedalec version of their heavy duty utility commuter bicycle.

Urbana Bikes

I first noticed Urbana Bikes last August, after Kemptor launched the brand in Canada. They sent a review unit to me; I posted a First Look to Commute By Bike this morning. Like I mention at CBB, I’ll be putting this bike through its paces, but I’ll mention already that this bike is a ton read more »

Bicycles in the news

MAKE looks at the amazing Monkey Electric LED lights. Use the coupon code “BIKECULT” for 25% off when you order these from Monkey Electric. I got a set and they are very colorful and amazingly bright, even during the day in the shade or overcast conditions. The San Francisco Bay Guardian published several bicycling stories read more »

Interbike shout outs

Shout outs to: * Paul and Haniya of Urbana Bicycles, who are the most outrageous Canadians I know. * David “Fred” Bernstein, Mark “Ted” Stevenson and Jim “I did NOT mention doping!” Moss, with whom I appeared in a special video edition of The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable live video podcast. * Ted, Josh and Karen read more »

Yuba launches BODA BODA

Yuba Bicycles has announced their “Boda Boda” cargo cruiser bike. This 35 lb cargo cruiser has an MSRP of only $999.