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Used bike shorts

On Craigslist. “Slightly used“. “Barely worn“. “Lightly used“. “Used twice“. I mean, really.

My two seconds of fame in this Bike to Work Day 2016 Video

Woo hoo! I make a special appearance for about two seconds in the background at 1:05 in a Bike to Work Day 2016 video from the San Francisco Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

Water, ducks & eBikes

A man rides his electric bicycle to transport ducks on a flooded street in Nanjing, Jiangsu province July 12, 2010. Flooding, landslides and torrents of mud have killed 50 people in southern China and the government has evacuated thousands of people from homes near an overfilled, leaking reservoir, officials and state media said.

Stuff I like: Bike clothing

While I love the trend to wear normal, everyday clothing while cycling, I often ride longer distances on the road and go for functional bike apparel. If the cyclist in your life can also appreciate bike specific clothes, here’s are the threads I’ve used and liked this year. I absolutely love love love my Chrome read more »

Zippered bike sorts

Happy Sunday evening. Here are a couple of quick links for you: First, the zippered bike shorts mentioned in the title of this post are from Selle SMP. They’re to facilitate nature breaks. I’m not going to post the “how to use” illustrations here, so I’ll just point you to Carlton’s post. See Brother Ed’s read more »

Interbike 2007 preview

Click here for Interbike 2007 Coverage Interbike 2007 Expo begins next Wednesday and I’ll be there to report on product news, trends, and photos on behalf of CommuteByBike. I’ll drool over the high dollar race-worthy gear, clothing and training aids, of course, but I’ll take a close look at: Family cycling accessories like the iBert read more »