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Using a bike to sell a car

How about that: Trials rider Danny MacAskill’s got himself some corporate sponsorship. Via WIRED Gadget Lab, where somebody commented with this story of the amazing stunt biker breaking his collarbone after he tripped on the sidewalk. I kid you not.

Norcal bike news update

I’m cancelling the San Jose Bike Train ride for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18, 2017. Sorry! The city of Burlingame, CA in San Mateo County will host its second community meeting to discuss a Complete Streets redesign of California Drive. The aim of the project is to improve bicycle, pedestrian and motor vehicle access on California read more »

Real estate agents (still) use bikes to show properties

Waay back in 2008, various news media highlighted a growing trend of house showings by bike in Boulder, Colorado; Chicago; Northhampton, MA; Ventnor, NJ; Davis, CA; and elsewhere. Real estate agents tried every trick they could think of during the foreclosure disaster of 2008, when nobody was buying. Now that home sales and prices are read more »

Made In USA leather bicycle bags by Detroit Cargo

You might be surprised to know that Detroit got its start as the center of the American automotive industry by being a center of bicycle manufacturing. Several early car companies began as bicycle manufacturers, and the car factories contracted with the same suppliers of ball bearings and mechanical parts that bicycle factories used. Over the read more »

A Bike Trailer for Car-Sized Errands

Lifelong cyclist Josh Lipton in Flagstaff Arizona has designed a sturdy and affordable bike trailer that can carry bulky, heavy loads. Behold, the Wandertec Tuba.

Silicon Valley tech company hiring a campus bike hub manager

Lots of interesting, career track jobs in this week’s edition of bicycle jobs. You know those bike racks on the front of city buses? Those are manufactured by SportWorks in Seattle, WA. They’re looking for a product design and development engineer. More bicycle jobs below the cyclist photo.