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Velo Celebration

My buddy Rob in Hattiesburg, Mississippi describes himself as a “certified bike-nut living car free.” He has a website cleverly called Velobration. Go drop by and introduce yourself to Rob. Have a great weekend!

Heartland Velo Show

On August 27 & 28 2011, the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin will house a weekend-long celebration of everything bicycle.

Re-thinking the commute for bike promotion

Happy World Bike Day, USA Bike Month, and (for much of Northern California) Bike Week. Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area and the Monterey Bay region takes place this Thursday. I love the bike celebrations associated with these events designed to encourage the bike-to-work trip, but is it possible that we focus too read more »

Steeps, sprints, and selfies

Good day, all. I conquered a small mountain. That, and Tour de France spoilers below.


Crazy busy at work but still lots of bike stuff to talk about. Here’s what going on.

What does “Critical Mass” mean to you?

If you played word association with Joe and Jane Random, how would they respond to Critical Mass? In 1934, Hungarian phycisist Leó Szilárd filed his patent for a neutron-induced nuclear chain reaction and introduced the concept of “critical mass.” The critical mass is the smallest amount of fissile material needed for a sustained nuclear chain read more »