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Vélocouture favorite

Vélocouture picked my photo from San Jose as one of their favorites from July.

Velocouture blog

Patrick started the popular Velocouture group — a collection of cyclists with their stylish clothing — on Flickr a while back. To “make 2009 the year of Vélocouture,” he started the Velocouture blog (style that moves you) to discuss riding bikes with your clothes on and highlighting some of the more interesting photos posted to read more »

Women, schlepping and transportational cycling

April in Sweden posted on Six reasons the world needs more women on bikes, mentioning some of the reasons women don’t bike to work as much as men. April mentions that only about 30% of bike commuters in Portland (Oregon, presumably) are female; in San Francisco, it’s currently about 27%. Why the gender split? Natalie read more »

Safety in numbers

Welcome to Cyclelicious. Streetsblog reported fewer cyclist fatalities in New York City in spite of many more cyclists on the road. Tom Vanderbilt passes along a similar effect in the UK, the Netherlands, and Copenhagen. More bicycle news Photo by Mark Stosberg: Becky and Pastor Matt in Richmond, Indiana. Also featured also at VeloCouture. SF read more »

Tim Gunn on a tandem bicycle

The Flickr group Vélocouture was featured on the Flickr blog yesterday. “Cycling doesn’t necessarily have to mean spandex and clip-on shoes,” writes Flickr blogger Matthew. This is cool because more cyclists than non-cyclists probably read the Flickr blog. Via Chico Gino. Speaking of non-enthusiasts, fashion and bikes, there were dozens of tweets last night about read more »

Bay Area bicycle fashion

Shelly rides her bicycle around Berkeley, San Francisco, and Oakland, with frequent trips to Santa Cruz and Sonoma / Napa where she snaps photos of cyclists she likes and posts the photos to Riding Pretty – Bicyle Chic California, like this photo below. Several years ago, Shelly designed her Riding Pretty helmet covers because she read more »