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Vigilant Velo

Raymond is an avid cyclist who had a hand in creating MTBR back in the day. These days, when he’s not riding his bike, he designs websites for bike companies. He’s been concerned about the seemingly higher numbers of cyclists getting hit by cars on the road, many times by motorists who were completely unaware read more »

As web fuels bike thefts, victims turn vigilante

By the time he got the call last month, Martin Moulton had given up on his stolen $3,000 bike. The caller, a friend, had been browsing through bike ads on Craigslist when he spotted Moulton’s 2005 Cannondale with its unmistakable, custom-ordered Spiderflex saddle. Moulton, who is by no means scrawny, enlisted the help of a read more »

Follow Friday

SF Bay Area: Would you believe there’s a decent chance of rain this weekend?

Bike Snob & San Jose Bike Party photos

Here’s a slide show of photos from Bike Snob NYC’s book signing and the San Jose Bike Party ride that followed last night. There’s an option to go full screen that works pretty well, in my opinion.

Wreckless riding

[ Yes, the misspelling is intentional, because there were no (fatal) wrecks. Hence, "wreckless." ]