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Vintage bicycle photos

Pete aka “fixedgear” has been downloading images of old vintage cycling photos, posters and ads and copying them to his Flickr stream for our enjoyment. Click on the photos to be taken to the different photo sets they belong to. Be sure to give Pete a visit and say hello.

Delightfully Tacky rides a bicycle

Tacoma style blogger “Delightfully Tacky” says she likes her black fixed gear bike to get around.

Steven Rea rides a bicycle

Steven Rea, curator of Rides a Bike and author of the newly released Hollywood Rides a Bike, owns and rides several vintage steel bikes.

Thursday bicycle news

Tooting my own horn: I was the Good Samaritan. Do a good turn daily. “Waiting” by Pieter Musterd, CC license. 30 speeds on a bike are confusing to the neophyte, so Taiwanese researchers created a computer optimized gear change notifier for derailleur equipped bicycles. The device tells the cyclist how to shift for their speed read more »


Crazy busy at work but still lots of bike stuff to talk about. Here’s what going on.

Hollywood Rides a Bike

Bike riding movie critic Steven Rea curates the popular Rides a Bike Tumblr blog that features movie stars riding their bicycles. He’s compiled 125 images of those stars into a nice coffee table book titled Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars.