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WD-40 and bicycle chains

Simon Rakower owns All Weather Sports in Fairbanks, Alaska, where he’s an expert in winter cycling and winter bike maintenance. WD-40 is his shop’s secret weapon: “We greedy, ruthless bike shop folk love WD-40 because it lets us sell more chains and cassettes and MAKE MORE MONEY!” Support your Local Bike Shop and their mechanics: read more »

WD-40 Bike

WD-40 announces a new business unit, WD-40 BIKE. Thoughts and comments on this?

One page bicycle repair guide

This diagram is making the rounds on the various social networking sites. Spingineer tells me this was originally posted by George Takei (aka “Sulu”) who joked that he hoped Scotty didn’t follow this flowchart. WD-40, incidentally, is your bike shop’s favorite lube.