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San Jose sidewalk riding ban under discussion (again)

The city of San Jose DOT invites one and all to attend their “Prioritizing Sidewalks for Pedestrians Pilot Project” workshop next Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

San Jose candidate walk and bike questionnaire scores

I Walk I Bike I Vote sent a questionnaire to the candidates listed in the primary election ballot for mayor and council members for the city of San Jose.

I walk, I bike, I vote: San Jose California elections

Several people are running for mayor in the San Francisco Bay Area’s largest city, with city council candidates also running in several districts. The big issues in San Jose this year are public safety and pension reform, but a few candidates have earned themselves some attention based on their positions on transportation safety and livable read more »

#bikeschool Q4: Liam Neeson and a bike thief walk…

#bikeschool Q4: Liam Neeson and a bike thief walk into a bar. What’s the punch line?

@SeniorTransInfo Generally don’t ride on sidewalks…

@SeniorTransInfo Generally don’t ride on sidewalks but understand those who do. Should dismount when among walkers

Parking sign blocks sidewalk…

Parking sign blocks sidewalk