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Occupy the streets

Long time readers of Cyclelicious understand the historical context of pedestrian and cyclist road rights in the United States. To very quickly summarize, roads were once a public throughway for all modes of transportation. Before about 70 years ago, common law and public opinion recognized the operator of the more dangerous conveyance was responsible for read more »

Ride Every Road

Since I posted my goal of biking every road in the city of Santa Cruz California yesterday, I learned of a few other interesting endeavors.

Public safety & traffic in San Jose

33 traffic fatalities — including 20 pedestrians and cyclists — in San Jose this year San Jose city council member Sam Liccardo formally kicked off his campaign for mayor yesterday. He currently represents the downtown district, and he’s known for his recent strong support for creative bicycle infrastructure throughout downtown. Four of the five candidates read more »

Today’s collection of creeps and weirdos on the bus

I volunteered this morning for a field trip at my daughter’s school so I took a much later bus than usual, where I met a whole new crew of creeps and weirdos for the trip to my office.

Mountain bike Bayfront Park Menlo Park, CA

Bayfront Park, a Menlo Park city park, isn’t really a mountain biking destination, but bikes are permitted on the dirt and gravel trails and it’s only two miles from my work. Bedwell Bayfront Park, located where Marsh Road intersects with Bayfront Expressway, is a popular lunchtime walking and jogging area for the workers at the read more »

Conferences and bike promotion

Sun Microsystems (my employer) actively encourages non-car transportation to the annual JavaOne conference by offering shuttle service to hotels not within walking distance and to the 4th & King Caltrain station. Most conference websites give driving directions and parking information, while JavaOne only gave information on public transportation options to the Moscone, with an interactive read more »