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Watch for giveaways this week

I have a box of bike stuff to clear out that I want to give away beginning tomorrow. Look for a Nasbhar 26″ studded bike tire (well used but still very functional); a SafeTurn wrist turn signal; some cycling books; and a handful of other handy gadgets and things. How to win. 1. You have read more »

Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!

That’s the traditional New Year greeting in Japanese. In Japan, all of the little kids go around to the adults saying “Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu!” and the adults reciprocate by handing out envelopes stuffed with cash. I don’t have any cash for you, but watch for some giveaways in the next couple of weeks. I’m going read more »

Giveaway: Bike to Work Guide

Today’s giveaway is the Bike To Work Guide: Save Gas, Go Green, Get Fit by cyclists Roni Sarig and Paul Dorn. The copy I’m awarding is my slightly dog-eared and marked up review copy of the book. You might recognize Paul Dorn as the author of the popular Bike Commute Tips blog and his excellent read more »

Giveaway: Zero Per Gallon stickers

Today’s giveaway is an assortment of five bicycle theme stickers from Zero Per Gallon in San Francisco. Zero Per Gallon makes a set of fun stickers proclaiming your independence from foreign oil. They’re a great attention getter, and they’re always fun to hand out at any gathering of cyclists. I started handing a few out read more »

Giveaway: collab with Murph

Today’s giveaway is a collaboration with Murph of Holier Than You. Murph owns vacation rentals in the Sonoma wine country and near South Lake Tahoe. Both are very fine holiday getaways. Murph’s giveaway? A brand new 650×23 tube. (You didn’t really think you could win a holiday rental worth thousands of dollars from me, did read more »


Today’s giveaway is a package of Action Wipes wet wipes for adults from Life Elements. Action Wipes are sturdier and larger than your standard disposable wet wipes, and the cloth wipes are strong enough to withstand washing for reuse. The thick cloth wipes easily hold up to vigorous scrubbing of my rough, masculine body instead read more »