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Water bicycle

Chinese amphibious water bike. Chinese inventor Li Weiguo apparently took the Treehugger article on women and bikes to heart by asking his daughter to demonstrate his amphibious bicycle that can be used on land or water. Li used empty water bottles (the large 8 gallon size used in office water coolers) as flotation for this read more »

Former Trek Bicycles exec considers bid for Wisconsin governor’s office

Former Trek executive Mary Burke may run as governor of Wisconsin, says the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. last month, a poll was conducted testing the viability of Mary Burke, a former state commerce secretary and former Trek Bicycle Corp. executive. The poll was conducted around the same time an unknown person registered five Burke-themed Internet addresses, such read more »

Bicycle civil defense drills

This recent discussion of bikes for disaster planning reminds me of an idea to promote bikes for transportation under the guise of emergency planning. Quick Quiz: Who wrote this proposal for a bicycle civil defense drill?

Goldfish cracker rides a bicycle

The Pepperidge Farms cheese cracker goldfish wears a helmet on his underwater bicycle. Image courtesy Al Scher, who no doubt earned dubious looks from bystanders as he shot a photo of this cracker bag.

Graphic Designer jobs in the bicycle industry, and more

  Greetings Cycleicious community! My name is Michael Edelstone and I’ll be posting occasionally about the interesting bicycle industry jobs I’ve discovered. Like Richard I’ll probably omit standard retail gigs or pedicabbing jobs unless they’re real flashy. A little bit about me: I’ve been working in the bicycle industry since 2005. These days you’ll find read more »

NYC volunteers drain basements with bicycles

Volunteers with Times Up use a pedal powered water pump and a bucket brigade to empty a flooded basement on Avenue C in the East Village, Manhattan. Enough power was also available from the bike powered alternator to charge mobile phones. Via Jym. Photos CC BY-NC 2.0 by Brennan Cavanaugh.