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We are The Cyclists

Cyclelicious bicycle blog. “We are The Cyclists, the intermediate stage between humans and pure energy.” An oldie, but still humorous… Thanks to Wuss912 for the reminder. I was on northbound Caltrain #231, which — contrary to the info on the Bicycle Trains page, only had a single bike car. It’s a Friday, though, and with read more »

Police impersonator pulls over teen cyclists, brandishes weapon

The Palo Alto, CA police department ask the public to watch for a man who impersonated a law enforcement officer when he ordered two children to stop their bikes before brandishing a weapon at them.

South Dakota legislature to cyclists and pedestrians: “Wear bright colors!”

The South Dakota House and Senate passed a concurrent resolution by unanimous vote a couple of weeks ago encouraging cyclists and pedestrians to wear bright colors, and advising motorists to watch closely for pedestrians and cyclists.

Guadalupe River Trail contractors ask cyclists to please stay off this weekend!

Important finishing work to take place Friday-Monday, August 24 – 27, on San Jose Guadalupe River trail adjacent to San Jose International Airport. Anyone who semi-regularly uses the Guadalupe River Trail between I-880 and Highway 101 alongside San Jose International Airport have noticed the paving works seems complete, and you’ve undoubtedly trespassed into the work read more »

We are "cyclists"

Mikael Colville-Anderson of Copenhagenize was in San Francisco last week to talk about his out five ways that cycling should be promoted in the United States. Among his other proposals, Mikael suggests that we don’t focus so much on the subculture of cyclists. The bikes we wore. I knew I’d be at the meeting with read more »

Cyclists power supercomputer

MIT cyclists generated 1.2kw to power a supercomputer in response to Google’s “Innovate or Die” challenge. SciCortex is new to the supercomputing field. With their relatively slow MIPs processors they don’t have any contenders in the Top 500 list of supercomputers, but SciCortex is known for their development of very low power supercomputers, which is read more »