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Weekend review

Holy bike utility belt, Batman! Quiz: Why put these shifters on the head tube like this? Why not on the downtube? (Hint: I shot this in Taiwan). Nice bike shoes. An interview with Kara, carver of Brooks leather saddles. Bicycle Law: Leading the Way. Cafiend rides a recumbent. Goofy – Honda’s answer to the Segway. read more »

Santa Cruz MAH: Freak Bikes this weekend

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History “Experience Metal” interactive exhibit this weekend will feature, among many other things, ridable art bikes. On display is a compilation of tools, appliances, and cargo-carrying devices, all powered by the humble bicycle. Included are such creations as a bike blender, a hacked tandem independent drive, center-pull brake read more »

Weekend report

It’s been a crazy week for me. The kids began school, and I’ve spent too much time watching the USA Pro Cycling Challenge that will finish up this weekend in Colorado. I even missed my usual Hump Day review, so I’ll make up for it with this weekend update.

Sock Guy SGX Cycling Sock Review

Most reviewers of film, food and beverage have unique qualifications which make their word worth a bit more when it comes to what they do. When it comes to socks, specifically cycling socks, the fact that I have two feet (problematic feet at that) and ride my bike a ton allows me to better evaluate read more »

San Jose Bike Party Pirate Ride Preview

I was at the top secret Pirate Ride tonight in Cupertino. I’ve uploaded a handful of photos; hopefully I’ll have the rest up over the weekend. There were some really cute pirate costumes at the ride start in Cupertino.

Monday Morning Review

The weather in California has been outstanding this weekend. I certainly took advantage of the nice weather; I hope yo did too. Weekend bicycle news you might have missed, and more… Mississippi passes Bicycle Safety Law with three foot passing provision, anti-harassment provision, and Far to the Right law. Mark Stosberg posted a good set read more »